Neighborhood Beach Volleyball League

26th August, 2014

A few years ago I was watching the Olympics. Specificly I was watching the beach volleyball competition. I thought to myself “I would love to play that”. The problem is I live in a land locked state and don’t have easy access to a beach. I decided to build my own court and invite my friends and neighbors to join. I looked up the dimensions for the court on the Olympic web site. I went down to my local hardware store and bought enough silica sand to fill it up. Put up a regulation net and away we went. My first year we have 8 teams. Me and my partner took 3rd place. The Neighborhood league has now grown to 14 teams and an end of the season tournament that we have turned into a block party. It is a great way to get to know your neighbors and a great way to see people in their bathing suits.

You Quit Law School?

16th May, 2014

I ran into Cindy the other day. She seemed quite happy. Which is actually quite unusual for a third year law student. She swept me up,into her arms and gave me me a smooch on the cheek.
” Hello stranger how are you doing?”, she asked.
” What’s this all about?”, I asked.
” I’m just so happy! I finally found my calling in life.”, She gushed.
” What about law school?”
” I quit”
” What do you mean you quit? You’ve already been for three years you can’t just quit.”, I replied.
” I already have. In fact, I start my new career tomorrow.”
” What is it then?”
” I’m going to be doing Leeds thai massage.”
I was absolutely stonkered. Cindy is a genius and I couldn’t believe that she quit law school but, she seemed happy.

Watching the Nightly News as a Child

23rd February, 2014

Growing I was a little different. Instead of watching cartoons like other kids I liked to watch the news. I found it interesting learning about what was going on near me. Some of the stories were rather bland or seemed to be a stretch, but the news of daily life was always intriguing. I also loved to watch national news casts. There are so many interesting things that are going on in this country. So many good stories that I was able to hear about every day. One of the things that always intrigued me most was the weather. I found it fascinating that someone could predict what the weather was going to be like the next day. They weren’t always right, but usually they were pretty close. Now that I’ve grown a little older I’m less inclined to enjoy the news. Even the weatherman with his green screens doesn’t hold the same appeal.

Furniture Tetris

12th December, 2013

When my sister turned twenty one, she got her own apartment. It was tiny, but very cute, with a little balcony overlooking a quiet street, and just enough space for a young woman to feel independent.

My brother and I were incredibly jealous until we helped her move. The place was up some stairs, and after we carried all the boxes of books and clothes, we had stack them all in her bathroom in order to make enough space to bring up the few pieces of furniture that my parents had bought her.

The bed frame we had to dismantle, the mattress was a nightmare but at least it folded a little, but the matching high gloss furniture were just the wrong shape to fit around any of the corners, and eventually we had to give up. The next week my uncle had to bring a winch and hoist them though her window!

The Acts In Studio 14

8th December, 2013

Finally! One more day until my birthday. At eighteen I could legally be considered an adult. At breakfast my dad said that he had a special surprise for me. “We’re going to the circus! We’re leaving right after breakfast”, he said.

When I got there it all seemed so dumb. That is, until the acrobats came out. It was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Later that day I told my dad that I wanted to be an acrobat.

So my dad signed me up for a gymnastics class at the local gym. I worked hard to be good at the fundamentals. After attending several circus workshops, a professional acrobat named Elijah Hightower came over to me and introduced himself. He said that confidence and good fundamentals is all you need to be a decent acrobat. So I enrolled in The Hightower School of Acrobatics.